Time Trial Events

Time Trials, also know as Time Attack, is a speed event somewhat similar to autocross but with speeds which are considerably higher and at a venue which usually a real race track rather than a cone-marked course in a parking lot. Time Trials are an exercise in driver skill with everyone trying to get the "perfect lap". A number of cars are on the course at the same time, doing continuous laps, competing against the clock for the best lap time in their class. We almost always run two day, weekend events with practice sessions Saturday and Sunday. The official times runs usually take place in the last session of the day on both days.

All timing is done using an AMB transponder system. Consequently, if you want to be timed you must have a transponder mounted in your car. They are available new directly from My Laps (Car/Bike Transponder) although they occasionally show up used on eBay. You can also try searching the web for a "TranX 260" transponder. We also normally have a few transponders for rent at the track. You can "run for fun" in one of the Time Trial groups if you don't have a transponder but you will not get lap times.

Time Trials runs take place in three run groups, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. The groups differ in terms of passing arrangements, required safety equipment and experience level. If you end up in a group which is uncomfortable for your driving style, we will do our best to reassign you. At the end of the official timed session, the times of all three groups are combined and from this, class winners are identified.

The TT events are run with a very strong emphasis on safety. All cars and drivers must pass a technical and safety inspection before they are allowed onto the track. Please note that safety requirements are based on Run Group with the more agressive groups requiring more protection. In addition, drivers who do not have AROSC TT licenses are required to attend Novice Classes where they are instructed in various safety aspects of track driving as well as in the practical aspects of getting good lap times.

Our schedule usually includes events at places such as Willow Springs, Chuckwalla and Buttonwillow. We also occasionally run at Spring Mountain, Las Vegas and the Auto Club (formerly California) Speedway and Laguna Seca (when we can get a date). And we expect to run at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway sometime in the future.

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