Alfa Romeos and non-Alfas are classified based on a weight-to-power formula which includes adjustments for tire type, suspension mods plus a few other things. It is intended to result in cars of similar performance competing with each other. Please note that Classes O, P and Q have slightly different weight-to-power ranges than in previous years.

For 2013, Alfas classified using the old "points" system will automatically be assigned as follows: Old Class A and B will become Class O cars, Class C will become Class P cars and Classes D and lower will be Class Q cars. Class Z and X cars will be reclassed based on the weight-to-power system. If anyone wishes to have their Alfa reclassified according to the weight-to-power system, all they have to do is enter the appropriate information when they register for their next event.

Classification is done on an honor basis. We will not be checking to see who, if anyone, is cheating. We may, at some point, ask you some questions about your car, especially if it seems to have an unusual level of performance for the class it has been registered in. Please keep in mind that it feels a lot better to beat someone fairly than to win by cheating.