Technical Inspection

All cars and personal safety equipment must undergo a tech/safety inspection and the completed TECH FORM must be presented to Registration when you arrive at the track. At that time you will be give a run group sticker which will allow you to enter the track with your group. The sticker should be placed in the top center of the windshield. If there is more than one driver for this car, complete a separate form for each driver.

Each participant is solely responsible for the safe condition of the car to be driven in the event and for their personal safety equipment. Participants must have their vehicle and safety equipment inspected no more than two weeks prior to the event. This inspection must be performed by a qualified individual familiar with the make and model of car and with personal safety equipment. If the car owner/driver has these qualifications, he/she may perform the inspection but we highly recommend inspection by someone else who is qualified. At the time of inspection, the participant must sign the completed Inspection Sheet.

The inspection includes such things as:

We highly recommend that the car be raised on a lift when this inspection is performed. Also, please understand that if, in the opinion of the Director of Safety and Tech Inspection, your car is not safe, you will not be allowed to run in the event until the problem is corrected.

Wire wheels are not normally allowed (contact the Director of Tech & Safety if you have a question).

Our events are for cars only. Two or three wheeled vehicles will not be accepted.