High Performance Driver Education

High Performance Driver Education (HPDE or just DE) is a step up from typical autocross programs. The speeds can be considerably higher than with autocross and the venue is almost always a real race track rather than a cone-outlined course in a parking lot. Along with the higher speeds comes responsibility for yourself and your equipment, and for the others who will be on track with you. We provide safety and skills training in both classroom and behind the wheel as part of this activity.

We hold several HPDE events each year in conjunction with our Time Trial and Race events. There are three run groups within which HPDE takes place, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. The groups differ in terms of passing arrangements, required safety equipment and experience level. If you end up in a group which is uncomfortable for your driving style, we will do our best to reassign you.

In the HPDE program emphasis is on driver training with respect to the safe operation and handling of a car at elevated speeds. HPDE events are run with a very strong emphasis on safety. All cars and drivers must pass a technical and safety inspection before they are allowed onto the track. It is not intended to be a competition. If you want to be timed, our Time Trial program is where you belong.

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